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Tony Lim, Master of Science (USM, Penang)

Tony Lim is a certified quality auditor and is a Training Specialist by profession.  He is a multilingual facilitator with more than 5 years of consulting and training experience in ISO 9000 quality management, six sigma deployment, statistical process control and lean manufacturing. He has more than 15 years of experience in quality system management, 5 of them as a quality manager for one of leading MNC.

He has often been invited to conduct training for various manufacturing companies in Asia Pacific Region.

His main accomplishments were setting up and implementing the ISO 9000 Quality Management System and Six Sigma Deployments for various manufacturing companies.


Roshidi Mat Rejab, B. Mechanical Engineering

(Old Dominion University, Norfolk, U.S.A in 1987)

Roshidi  Mat Rejab, B. Mechanical Engineering (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, U.S.A in 1987)

Roshidi has spent more than 16 years in world leaders manufacturing environment as key person of operation team. Besides working in major international companies in Malaysia, he has also worked abroad; for instance at Intel, Phoenix plant, Arizona, U.S.A.(1988~1992).

Experiences and educations gained abroad lifted up his way of thinking towards a more global manner, as demonstrated in his performance at work. 

Over the past four years, he has facilitated more than 100 practical workshops in Asia Pacific region dealing with principles of Lean manufacturing, overall equipment effectiveness, value stream mapping, visual factory, Genba Kaizen, kanban systems, setup reduction, and total productive maintenance (TPM).